Steve Wilford

Mr. Wilford is Director of Global Risk Analysis, Asia Pacific. Based in Singapore, he is responsible for a team of consultants and analysts who conduct country, sector and regulatory risk assessments, anti-bribery and corruption training and strategic forecasting for a variety of multinational and sovereign clients. Examples of his work with Control Risks include:

    • Conducted a highly sensitive investigation into government-linked corruption allegations surrounding a major multinational facing sanction by an international financial institution.
    • Developed a comprehensive security, investigative and social impact response for a mining consortium that had its remote site attacked by insurgents.
    • Designed and executed numerous joint venture risk assessments in “hard” jurisdictions, such as Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia.
    • Co-ordinated Control Risks’ response on the ground to the November 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks.

Prior to this role, Mr. Wilford was the Director of Corporate Investigations for Southeast Asia. This encompassed joint venture partner/new purchase due diligence, litigation support, discreet enquiries and broader national, provincial and district political and regulatory risk analysis. His projects included developing risk scenarios for clients involved in arbitration/legal conflict with state-sector institutions, conducting due diligence on foreign and local joint venture partners, investigating physical threats against clients and their businesses, and combating procurement fraud.

Mr. Wilford’s other roles include advising multinationals, including major oil and gas concerns, telecommunications businesses, non-governmental organizations and manufacturers, on pre-entry and operational policy for hostile environments in this region. He is a regular BBC, CNN, CNBC, radio, and print media commentator on trends in insurgency, political succession, corporate governance, and threats to business assets in the Asia Pacific region, as well as a frequent presenter at regional risk management conferences.

Mr. Wilford also set up and ran Control Risks’ first operational presence in India, managed the South-east Asia business development team, ran the Jakarta office’s corporate investigations practice and spent several years as the company’s South-east Asia analyst.

Mr. Wilford holds a Master of Philosophy in international relations from the University of Oxford and a first-class honors degree in South-East Asian studies and language from the University of Hull where he specialized in Thai military politics and Malaysian corporate governance issues.