Alan Chang

Alan Chang張亞倫 is the Managing Director for Airbnb Northeast Asia. He uses his experience and passion for building companies to help grow the Airbnb community in Asia.

Prior to joining Airbnb, Alan was based in Las Vegas, USA where he co-founded a quick service restaurant called Chickenow. Within 4 years, Alan and his partners opened 50 locations across the United States.  He decdied to start his own business after spending two years in the finance industry where he worked in the FX Options group at Lehman Brothers in New York.

Alan holds a degree in Finance from the University of Miami. His passion for entreprenurship was developed while studying International Finance at the London School of Ecnomics where he met and learned from various successful entreprenures with backgrounds ranging in finance, f&b, and online business.

Alan’s love for building businesses and traveling made joining Airbnb a dream come true. He believes that Airbnb will change the way people experience travel in Asia and around the world. He believes this because some of his favourite meals and memories have come from his travels on Airbnb and the hosts he connected with. Alan is looking forward to more great meals and memories with Airbnb.