CBP Interview Appointments

Please begin this process early as it typically takes at least 2-3 weeks from the time of application to the time when you can schedule an interview.

All U.S. Global Entry & APEC Business Travel Card applicants are required to have an in person interview as part of the application process.  These interviews are typically available only in the United States and in limited numbers on Wednesday mornings in Singapore.  As part of the 2015 APCAC Business Summit, we are pleased to be able to offer these interviews in conjunction with the conference.

How can I schedule an interview?

  1. Log on to the U.S. CBP’s website (GOES) for both Global Entry and APEC Business Travel Card applications, https://goes-app.cbp.dhs.gov.
  2. Apply for the program or programs you desire in GOES.
    NOTE: If you apply for Global Entry and the APEC Business Travel Card at the same time, only one interview will be required.  If you apply for Global Entry first and the APEC Business Travel Card at a later date, two separate interviews will be required and you may not schedule both during the summit.
  3. Approximately 2-3 weeks after you apply, your application status will change to “Conditionally Approved” and the GOES website prompt you to schedule an interview via email to the account you used when you registered.
  4. Log in to your GOES account and schedule an interview during any of the available appointment slots.
    1. For interviews on March 11 at AmCham’s office:
      From the interview location drop down under Enrollment Center: select “Singapore, American Chamber of Commerce, 1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre 23-03, Singapore, SG.
    2. For interviews on March 12 or 13 at Marina Bay Sands:
      From the interview location drop down under Enrollment Center: select “Singapore, AmCham-APCAC, Marina Bay Sands Expo, 10 Bayfront Ave, 4th Floor, Singapore, SG.
  5. Present yourself at the appropriate location at your interview time.

For inquiries, please email Tom McNutt.

Background Information

Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that enables members entering the United States expedited Customs and Immigration processing by using automated Global Entry kiosks located at over 30 major U.S. airports and at airports in Canada and Ireland that have United States Customs preclearance lanes. Visit www.globalentry.gov for full details on program.

The U.S. APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) Program is a voluntary program to facilitate travel for U.S. citizens engaged in verified business in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) region and U.S. government officials engaged in APEC business. Participants must also be members of a CBP trusted traveler program. The U.S. APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) enables access to a dedicated fast-track lane for expedited immigration processing at participating foreign APEC member airports. For a complete list of APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) participating airports, please visit: http://travel.apec.org/abtc-summary.html. U.S. ABTC holders may also use the Global Entry kiosks at participating airports upon their U.S. return.

For additional information on CBP Trusted Traveler Program, please visit http://www.cbp.gov/travel/trusted-traveler-programs.